Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly/Serenity: Yan & Rafael Feldman Q&A

Creation Entertainment’s Salute to "Serenity"/Firefly started its Saturday events with a Music Video then Yan and Rafael Feldman’s Q & A. The twins greeted the crowd and Rafael thanked the crowd on behalf himself and Yan. They jokingly asked if anyone had started to write a sequel to Serenity. They continued to joke on about who is prettier and which is aging faster. The fans lined up for their chance to ask a question and it then got underway.

Creation Conventions: The Writers’ Strike

Beginning with the Serenity/Firefly Convention at the end of October, through the Farscape Convention the day before the walkout, through the double-header of Stargate Atlantis and BSG two weekends before Thanksgiving, the Writer’s Strike hung over the proceedings, but neither those on stage or the fans showed anything other than strong support for the writers. In the friendly and familiar confines of the Marriot Burbank Airport Convention Center, the well-attended conventions went about connecting fans with their shows, while fans managed their own connecting – and parties, meetups and Krispy Kreme breakfasts – just fine.