Comic-Con Goes Live on SyFy

SyFy is celebrating this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego with a one-hour talk show this week. The premiere featured Alan Tudyk and a “Arrested Development” reunion.

Heroes Reborn: The Aurora is Coming This Fall

Get ready for the return of the NBC hit “Heroes” this fall and check out the new trailer.

SDCC 2014: Orphan Black: Nerd HQ Panel

by Alice Balagia, Guest Writer Word on the street in 2013 was that the Orphan Black Nerd HQ panel was more entertaining and exciting for fans than the actual Comic Con panel. The Orphan Black cast didn’t let fans down in 2014 with another hilarious panel at Nerd HQ. Members of the cast present were […]

I Want My Nerd HQ – Help Make Nerd HQ 2014 Possible

We had heard rumblings that Zachary Levi was planning a campaign to grow this year’s Nerd HQ. And now the word is out!

SDCC 2013: Joss Whedon, Renaissance Man, At Nerd HQ

After meeting thousands of people at a time at two Friday panels at Comic-Con, he enjoys an intimate discussion with 250 people at Petco park Saturday morning. He talks about Agents of SHIELD, female heroines, what Whedonverse character he’d like to be, and what role he’d play on Castle…   Joss’ panel was one of […]

SDCC 2013: Zachary Levi Gets Co-Hosts For Nerd HQ Panels

Every year, Zachary Levi has a “mystery panel” as part of his Nerd HQ panels. Earlier today (July 19th), he revealed he needed some co-hosts so he can rest his voice for a Broadway musical that he’s doing. Fans approved of his choice of co-hosts. Read more about SDCC 2013: Zachary Levi Gets Co-Hosts For Nerd HQ Panels

Nerd HQ Panels During Comic-Con Have A New Home

Nerd HQ is back during Comic-Con with a series of special panels and a new home… Petco Park. Read more about Nerd HQ Panels During Comic-Con Have A New Home

SDCC 2012: The Force Was With This Special Relay

Even before Comic-Con officially began, San Diego was the center for a very special event honoring Star Wars and raising more than 100 thousand dollars for a good cause.