Pretty Little Liars 7.06- “Wanted: Dead or Alive”

We were told someone would die tonight, but I should have been more worried about a lot of other things and not the person that was going to die.

Pretty Little Liars 7.05- “Along Comes Mary”

Hanna is in denial, Aria is trying to make it work with Ezra and Spencer is desperately trying to find Caleb.

Pretty Little Liars 7.04- “Hit and Run, Run, Run”

The Liars have made some pretty bad choices in the past but this is the worst. They’re not in high school anymore, they should be thinking clearer with this new ‘A’ taunting them.

Pretty Little Liars 7.03- “The Talented Mr. Rollins”

The Liars may be all grown up, but it’s feeling a lot like they’re back in high school. The years have not made them any wiser. The lies just keep piling up and they may be in too deep now.